Your Facilitators

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Sykes

Andrew is the CEO & Founder of Habits at Work, author of The 11th Habit, and an Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Education at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Andrew is a globally recognized speaker and facilitator for companies including Google, Pinterest, Scott Brothers Global, YouTube, Toyota, and Subaru. Andrew inspires & guides revenue-responsible teams to foster the habits that create a differentiated customer experience. He is a trained actuary, behavior change researcher & corporate wellbeing expert.

Chief Experience Officer

Lex Moschakis

I'm building a community of authentic, confident, and empowered sellers. As the Chief Experience Officer at Habits at Work, I don't just partner with leaders of Fortune 500 companies to help their sales teams become more effective sellers. I take it a step further by guiding individuals into new realizations about themselves.